Weekly Updates

This week we will be focusing on self confidence.  We will also be recognizing our unique qualilties and the diversity of our classmates. 

Our FUNdations focus for this week is Unit 11 week : Silent e words with suffixes
Review Words: maze, prize, skate
Trick Words: none, another, friend (your kiddo needs to be able read, write, and spell these words)
Current Words:cones, shaves, jokes
Sentence: What are the rules for this game?
At home when you read with your kiddo, have them try and retell the story they read to you or the story you read to them :). This will help their comprehension so much!

PLEASE make sure your kiddo's book bag comes back daily with their reading homework!  Thanks for your help in making reading a success for your kiddo!

Reading Strategies

Opinion writing.  We will write an opening statement and then back up our statement with three reasons we made that statement and end it with a closing sentence.  

This week we will begin Topic 9 : Understand Place Value 
Our topic test will be on Thursday!
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Social Studies
America the Beautiful: learning about national symbols and we will be creating our own symbol at the end of the unit to represent ourselves.