Weekly Updates

This week we will continue working on kindness and random acts of kindness!  We will continue to work on empathy and putting ourselves in other's shoes in order to put a smile on someone's face or to solve daily problems that may come up.  As always we will look to put good into our world because we know that someone always needs it!

Guided reading groups are going very well!  Thank you for sending your kiddo's reading books back every day!  This makes our group time so much more meaningful and productive!  We are already growing so much in reading and I can't wait to keep going!


This week we will begin our first day of Level 3 Observational/Comment writing.  Your kiddo will be working hard on the following areas:
* Brainstorming topics (people to write about)
* Help create a circle map about a chosen topic
* Help create a tree map about our chosen topic
* ADD PRONOUNS to our tree map
*Writing combined sentences using the word and
* Using adjectives to make our writing more interesting and descriptive
*Help write sentences from our tree map.
Pictures will come soon to show what we are working on :)


In Math we will begin Topic 3 Addition Facts to 20:Use strategies that work for us!

Topic 3 Home Letter
Topic 3 Vocabulary Cards


Catch the WAVE!

We will be learning about light and light waves to wrap-up our light and sound waves unit! 

Conferences are next week and the following week!  Our sign up is on our welcome page :)