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This week we will wrap up our use of I messages to resolve conflicts with our peers. 

“I Messages”

Our I messages come in very handy in a variety of situations!  We use them to express to others when something is wrong or buggin us or hurting us.  We use them to build our voice first before telilng an adult to fix it for them from the get go.  Below is how we phrase our “I Messages”

“Becky, I feel_______because_______.  I need you to please______.”

The power of one’s own voice is priceless and a life skill worth learning and sticking with :)

SEL Read Alouds

The Way I Feel by Janan Cain


In FUNdations this week we will begin our work on Unit 7: Glued sounds ink, ank, onk, unk

Review Trick Words

Unit 1: Review of letters and sounds

Unit 2: the, a, and, is his, of

Unit 3: as, has, to, into, we, be, he, she, me, for, or 

Unit 4: your, i, was, one, said

Unit 5: from, have, do, does

Unit 6: were, are, who, what, when, where, there, here

Trick Words of the Week







Thank you for your support with reading at home with your kiddo each night!  PLEASE make sure this book comes back each day in yoru kiddo’s SHARK folder.  We will work on reading and fluency one day and then comprehension the next and our group cannot run without the books :)


 This week we will start our FINAL level of Observational Comment Writing!  I will update our days as we go through the process this week :)

Day One:

The kiddos will make a circle map telling everything they know about their chosen topic and then narrow it down to the top ideas they want to use for their writing. When they make their circle map, they will be thinking of which connecting words will work best!  They will then transfer that information to a tree map and add a pronoun to help with their varied sentences when they complete their writing on day 3.

Day Two:

The kiddos will add adjectives to their tree map to make their writing more detailed and interesting. 

Day Three:

The kiddos will “Tap Out” their sentences one last time and put them on paper to produce their final written piece :)  We are looking for 16/20 points to consider them to be at mastery for this level of writing. 


Here is a link to the rubric their writing will be scored on.  


Topic 6: Represent and Interpret Data

Test on Wednesday!  YOU GOT THIS!

Topic 6 Home Letter


Tally marks


Tally chart

Picture graph


We are CRUSHING Math Fact Fluency Fridays!  Each Friday we will spend time building and mastering our math fact fluency!!  We will be taking a one minute timed test each week! Each test is different for each kiddo and based off of their progress with math facts.  Once they complete 20/20 on one level they will move on to the next :)  Your kiddo will come home with their graded test each Friday.


Around the Table, Around the World: Holiday Traditions from around the world

We will be learning all about different holiday traditions that are celebrated near and far arond the globe.  This week we will be taking a trip to Israel to learn more about Hanukkah.  Below are some optional read alouds and videos for you/and your kiddo to check out if you have time 🙂

Read Alouds

Schmelf the Hanukkah Elf (great for comparing Christmas and Hanukkah)

Hanukkah Bear (Hanukkah food traditions)

Hanukka, Here I Come! (Hanukkah history in kid terms)


What is Hanukkah? Hanukkah explained for kids, by kids

How to Play Dreidel Paper, Spinner dreidel game coming home this week!

The Story of Hanukkah from National Geographic Needs a person to read it 🙂


December 4: PTO Meetibg 9:00-10:00 AM

December 7: Winter Movie Night

December 22: No School Teacher Professional Development Day

December 25-January 8: Winter Break

January 8: No School Teacher Professional Development Day

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Anytime Links

Reading Strategies Posters

Weekly Online Read Aloud Links

Weekly Literacy Game Links

Math Links

This Week’s Topic Practice

Games for Data Collection

Fuzz Bugs Graphing

Jellybean Tree

Games for Tally and Graphing

Graph and Tally

Pitcture Gaph

Anytime Skill Practice

Math Fact Flash Cards Game (helps with typing practice and navigating the computer as well ) Start with level 1 addition and level 1 subtration

Teachly Addition and Subtraction great practice for addition and subtraction anytime!

Sprouting Feelings: Sharing you Needs

Emotions Self Regulation