Weekly Learning Targets and Important Information

Bus Schedule
231- running
233- off
235- running

Students will be given special glasses to wear to view the eclipse on Monday. More information about this was sent in an email.

P.E.- Please make sure your child wears/brings their tennis shoes.

The students did a great job last week with their ELA CMAS testing. They take Math CMAS Tuesday through Thursday this week.
PTO minutes are attached to this week's email.

This week in reading, we will be focusing on narrative nonfiction texts. Our essential question will be: What do good citizens do? Our main learning targets will be centered around asking and answering questions, understanding the author's claim, and using text features to better understand the text and to gain more information. We will also be studying prefixes and suffixes. 

In writing, we will continue working on our poetry unit. This week, the students will be learning about the different types of voices in poetry, including lyrical, dramatic, and narrative. We will be focussing on the language poets use and how their word choice impacts the rhythm and the reader's understanding of the poem.

Since the students will be taking Math CMAS this week, our math time will be cut short. We will mostly be reviewing geometry terms, calculating area and perimeter, and finding elapsed time.

The students continue to take multiplication timed tests every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please make sure your child is practicing his/her basic multiplication and division facts at home. By the end of third grade, students are expected to have their 0-12 basic facts memorized.

In science, the students will be finishing their research on a chosen endangered animal. They will then be using their notes to create pages to add to a book that we will be creating. This endangered animal book will be placed in our school library to educate other students.