This week in music!


This week in music, kindergarten will perform a play to the book “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt”. They will also learn a new game, song, and dance. 

First Grade

In first grade, the students will act out a story book, utilizing the music room as their stage. They will learn two new dances as well as a new game where they dance as toys in a toy shop. They will also learn ‘la’ this week through a super fun game! Finally, first grade will learn a new piece on mallet instruments.

Second Grade

This week, second graders will learn two new dances, one from Israel and one from Canada. They will do an activity which utilizes improvisation upon a rhyme. It then turns into a game where the students get to act as piranhas and crocodiles! The students will also learn two new games as well as a new song!

Third Grade

This week in third grade, students will learn syncopation through a folk song, Alabama Gal. They will also learn a new song as well as two games. Finally, they will learn a piece that utilizes syncopated rhythms, putting it into a round.

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Fourth and fifth graders will both be composing their own pieces based upon the book, “I Want My Hat Back”. They will also learn a new memory game as well as a song that features a round. They will also learn a new dance. On Friday, both grades will have a review/play along day on ukulele!