Weekly Learning Targets and Important Information

Week of 12/4
iReady Reading Diagnostic

12/8, The third grade classes are sponsoring a schoolwide read-in. For a monetary donation, all TTE students are able to bring in their favorite reading material (or use classroom books), blanket, stuffed animal, and a pillow. Students are also invited to wear their pajamas to school all day. The earnings will go towards our social studies Lean on Me project. Since we are sponsoring this event, third graders do not need to pay to participate.

iReady Math Diagnostic

Lean on Me Shopping
12/14 after school

Holiday Festive Wear
Every Wednesday until Winter Break, all TTE students are invited to wear their holiday festive wear.

Class Holiday Party
12/20 at 1:15pm

This week in reading, we will be working on using nonfiction text structures to  identify the central (or main) idea in nonfiction texts. Being able to determine the central idea helps students better understand and analyze what they are reading. We will also be locating key details within these texts to best support our thinking. Later in the week, our focus will shift to asking and answering questions. When answering questions, we will be looking for key words in the question to help.

The students will be starting a new piece of fanfiction where they will continue the story from The Snowy Day. They will use the various organizational and writing skills that we have been studying and learning about within this genre of writing. Our specific learning targets this week include using dialogue in a story to show a character's emotions and incorporating good word choice to help our reader visualize our words. The students will also be working on using apostrophes to show possession and writing with different sentence structures.

The students just completed their Topic 7 assessment and will take their Topic 8 pretest this week. As always, this pretest data will help drive my instruction as well as place students in appropriate math groups. Topic 8 takes a little break from our study of multiplication and division. As we start this new topic, the students will review the properties of addition and learn about different strategies for mental computation of three-digit numbersPlease make sure your child is practicing and memorizing their multiplication facts at home. Timed tests are given at the end of math every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Your child should know what level they are on and which facts to study. :)

Social Studies
We are moving along in our economics unit with our Lean on Me project. The students have learned about goods and services, as well as wants and needs. This week we will focus on income vs. expenses, making smart financial decisions, opportunity cost, and the relationship between producers and consumers. Thank you so much for helping your child earn money for this special project. Please have your child bring in any money as it is earned so we can track it on our short term goal poster.