This week in music!


This week, kindergarteners will learn about form through a parachute dance as well as  focus on locomotor skills through various games. They will also be introduced to maracas through a piece that reiterates form. 

First Grade

First graders will learn about quarter rests through an upbeat horse game. They will also explore mallet instruments with guiros as a rhythmic ostinato. Finally, they will continue their work on rhythms through winter themed activities.

Second Grade

Second graders will be introduced to half notes while also reviewing previously learned rhythms through review games. They will also learn a dance to a folk song as well and accompany themselves on instruments. 

Third Grade

Third graders will be exploring the nutcracker through an overview of the plot and putting various pieces of it onto instruments. They will also learn a new song that introduces syncopation. 

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders will learn a new body percussion piece and further their understanding of syncopation through a game. They will also learn an ice skating piece that has a rhythmic accompaniment pattern. 

 Fifth Grade

Fifth graders will be working on melodic contour. They will do this through rhymes, maps, and pitched percussion instruments. The week will finalize with a composition written by them!